The herbs offered by our company are mostly of Polish origin. We supply the raw materials only from reliable growers with many years of experience in this field.

All herbs are subject to very precise and careful processing at our company. Thus as a result, we get a high-class product that is free from mineral impurities, carefully sorted and carefully cut, and what's most important the herbs do not lose their natural properties during these processes.

Our main offer includes the following herbs:

  • mint
  • camomile
  • sage
  • lime
  • St. John's wort
  • lemon balm

New items in our offer include:

  • plantain psyllium
  • thyme
  • oat
  • willow bark
  • fennel


We also offer finely chopped dried fruits, specially prepared for tea mixes.

Available fruits:

  • wild rose
  • black lilac
  • chokeberry
  • apple
  • currant
  • strawberry
  • raspberry


As our offer already includes the majority of products included in tea mixes, we are able to prepare ready-made blends of fruit and herbal teas. All our mixtures are prepared according to the individual needs of customers. For ready-made teas, please contact us.

These are the mixes most often prepared by our company:

  • raspberry tea
  • strawberry tea
  • forest fruits tea
  • cherry tea
  • exotic tea
  • multifruit tea
  • punch tea
  • slimming teas in many different flavors

and herbal mixtures:

  • mint with apple
  • lilac with lemon
  • wild rose with mint

and many others...